New solo audio-book finished: The Rain-Girl

A new solo finished: The Rain-Girl, another romantic comedy by Herbert G. Jenkins, of whom I previously recorded “Patricia Brent, Spinster“.

Richard Beresford has recently returned from the WW-I trenches. He feels he can’t go back to his old life in the Foreign Office. Instead, he sells all his possessions (except his books), and sets off on a tramp through the countryside. On the very first day he meets a mysterious girl with enchanting grey eyes, sitting on a gate, in the rain. They inadvertently get separated before he finds out her name, but he is determined to find her again.

To be honest, this one is not as good as Patricia Brent, but the characters are likeable, and the story is mostly light-hearted and humorous (with some serious undertones around Richard Beresford) – so a fun story for an easy listen.

Thank you to Laura for proof-listening, and to Anne (annise) for making the beautiful cover picture.

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