New free audiobook: novel set in London theater business around 1900

I’ve just recorded another audiobook for Librivox, in English*: The position of Peggy Harper by Leonard Merrick. In this short novel, we follow the fortunes of a young man and a young woman, both trying to make a living in the British theater circa 1900. Enjoy!

Novel set in the shabby world of British (third-rate) theaters circa 1900. Christopher Tatham tries to survive by going from bit part to bit part, and by his uncle’s charity, while hoping for a leading-man role. He meets Peggy Harper, who is in a similar situation. We follow them in their attempts to carve out a life for themselves and to attain fame and success. Leonard Merrick had worked as actor and actor-manager in the theater himself, and used his experiences in this novel.


*Hoog tijd voor weer een luisterboek in het Nederlands, na al dat Engels? Ja! Ik ben nu bezig met “De wereld een dansfeest” van Arthur van Schendel. Komt eraan, nog even geduld.

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