New free audiobook: Dodo – by EF Benson

I’ve completed a new audiobook for Librivox. “Dodo: A Detail of the Day” was an instant bestseller when it appeared in 1893, helped by the scandal and controversy it caused. Contrary to what is suggested by the cover, it has nothing to do with the extinct bird.

Dodo is a very outgoing young woman, who enjoys her prominent position in fashionable London “society”, and is eager to keep it. At the start of the book, she is about to make an advantageous marriage to a man with money and a title. Just what she needs. The novel follows Dodo and her loyal friend Jack in society.

This was E.F. Benson’s debut novel. He went on to write two sequels about Dodo and her circle, as well as the very popular “Mapp and Lucia” series.

This audiobook is freely available on

Link for more information on different ways you can listen to free LibriVox audiobooks.


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