Just finished recording another free audio-book at Librivox: Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins

A new solo finished on Librivox: early mid-19th century Wilkie Collins drama full of incidents and coincidence. Dramatic death of disgraced woman, beautiful orphan girl who ends up deaf for life after fall during circus act, and mysterious stranger missing his scalp after an encounter with indians. And trust me, these are not even spoilers for the plot, but just incidental happenings. The relationship between Madonna and Zack ends up somewhat different than you may expect.


Summary: The artist Valentine Blyth has a very generous heart. He lovingly cares for his invalid wife, rescues a deaf orphan girl from maltreatment in a traveling circus and adopts her, and mentors a young man who gets in trouble with his tyrannical father. The girl, who received the nickname ‚Madonna’, falls in love with the young man, Zack. Because one of Valentine’s biggest fears is that Madonna’s blood relations will one day trace her and take her away from his home, he keeps the little that he knows of her origins a strict secret. One day, Zack befriends a mysterious stranger, who has just returned from years of rough life in the American wilderness. From that moment, the plot thickens, in mid-19th century dramatic style.


A big thanks to Anne (annise) for proof-listening, and for making the nice CD-cover.

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